1. mf wolf

  2. mask

  3. peteheyes:

    We’re taking submissions for the Ink Soup anthology again. Show us what you’ve got, you dirty little artists you.

    Watch this space for Ink Soup 7, coming out in the next few days.

    Mad props to Lisa for drawing the poster!


  4. ayillustrations:

    #alien and #predator prints available from my store thing http://ayillustrations.bigcartel.com 


  5. andwhatthehellisthatsupposedtobe:

    Finally posting a full comic. Playing with movement and scale. It’s not finished, but it’s never finished.


    (via gofollowmyotherblog)

  6. quick drawing

  7. A drawing

  8. Something or other

  9. whimsywoods:

    Little video of last Saturday thanks to Nisa Kelly :)


  10. peteheyes:

    Commissioned comic I made about Robert Ashley and Iggy Pop for Frontiers Festival.